Tangi Miller

Actress - Producer - Director

Dr. Tangi Miller is Miami Born; An Actor, Director, Producer, Writer, International Citizen, Social anthropologist and Activist. Miller got her start on Emmy award winning WB show Felicity for which she received an NAACP nomination, named one of ‘TV GUIDE’S sexiest’ and one of the “most beautiful people of the millennium” by Ebony Magazine. Miller has worked since professionally for over 20 years as an Actor preforming in over 100 episodes of T.V; produced over a dozen films, holds a Master of fine Arts, Honorary Doctorate, the ‘Key to the City of Montgomery’; Director, Film-Maker and Founder of Olivia Entertainment LA based and Hollywood East, Atlanta based production companies. Miller has received several accolades for acting as well as her positive impact on community. Miller received proclamation for Distinguished Actor honor from The City of Miami, recognition for global success from the state of Alabama, a proclamation and “Day” for both her companies for her continued efforts to uplift the community thru film, a 2 nd  NACCP nod for the film Phantom Force, Inspiring Filmmaker Award from the Trinity Film Coalition and the President Obama Lifetime Achievement Award for her lifelong commitment to service. However, Miller is most proud of E.A.T. Education, Arts & Travel, a Non-profit organization that serves community and students both nationally and internationally thru Arts Education, Mentorship, Internship and performance.